January 23, 2007

here goes nothing...



well, im still getting the use of this blog thingy here on blogspot. i do have another blog which is on my friendster account...
but, lastnight while im online chatting w/ some friends on YM, a guy friend of mine suggested some blog sites of different people for me to read... ala and jim paredes, his blog and other 2 friends of his which i really opened and got hooked reading it!

ha! i hate him for suggesting those sites... see? i wasn't able to review for my polsci exams later this morning... and yea, i should be studying now, right? but, look what im doing... creating my very first blog here!!! all thanks to this guy friend of mine who influenced me into this thing! [JED RESTON!!! you should read my blog religiously! hahaha!!]

so, here goes nothing...

.. some rollercoaster
.. a whirlwind
.. passable for a telenovela

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